Looking at the “Fuller” and “Broader” Sides of CBD without Getting “Isolated”

Looking at the “Fuller” and “Broader” Sides of CBD without Getting “Isolated”

Published by David Nadel on 5th Feb 2020

When you’re shopping for CBD products, one of the things that is worth paying attention to is the type of hemp extract that is used. There are three types of hemp extracts, and each one affects the body in its own unique way. While most consumers are primarily concerned with the quality and potency level of a particular hemp formula, which they should be, the hemp extract also makes an enormous difference in terms of how you end up experiencing your CBD.

Now, we know that hemp extracts can be a bit confusing. That’s why we’re here to help. We will be explaining each one in full detail so that you can totally grasp how they work when consumed. This way, you’ll be able to choose the one that’s best suited for your particular preferences and goals with CBD.

How is Hemp Extracted?

In order to understand the difference between each type of hemp extract, we need to first explain how hemp is extracted in the first place. As you know, hemp extract begins with the industrial hemp plant. The female hemp plant contains a wide variety of fascinating compounds within its flowers, including, of course, CBD, which is the leading compound that is found in this plant.

When the female hemp plant has matured, its compound-rich flowers are picked and run through an extraction process. What this process accomplishes is lifting the desirable compounds from the plant material, so that the plant material can be discarded, leaving behind an oily concentrate that contains every compound as it occurs in nature.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (Full Spectrum CBD)

Now, let’s move onto the types of hemp extract that are available. First, we have full spectrum hemp extract. This contains the complete variety of desirable compounds that exist in hemp. This means that full spectrum hemp extract has the naturally high amount of CBD, as well as other interesting cannabinoids like CBN, CBC and CBG. Full spectrum hemp extract also contains THC, although it’s only a trace amount, as the hemp plant has no more than 0.3 percent THC. This means that while you are consuming THC, the amount is far too low to provide any sort of psychoactive effect.

Besides cannabinoids, full spectrum hemp extract also contains terpenes, which are plant compounds that exist in a plant’s essential oil. Terpenes add to the flavor and aroma of a plant, and they also offer a unique array of properties that can be enjoyed by the human body.

Lastly, full spectrum hemp extract contains flavonoids, which are plant compounds that seem to boost the synergistic properties of the other desirable compounds. When we talk about the synergistic nature of the hemp plant, we refer to the way in which each compound seems to boost the potency of the others when they are all consumed at once. This is commonly referred to as the entourage effect, and you can only experience it with full spectrum hemp extract.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (Broad Spectrum CBD)

Now, let’s move onto broad spectrum hemp extract. Essentially, this is the same as full spectrum hemp extract with one major difference. While full spectrum hemp extract contains the naturally occurring amount of THC that’s in hemp, broad spectrum does not. It’s THC-free, as the THC has been isolated and removed following the extraction process. It still contains all of the other compounds that are considered desirable.

CBD Isolate Extract (CBD Isolate)

Finally, we have CBD isolate. CBD isolate is nothing but pure CBD. It’s made by extracting the compounds from the hemp plant and isolating the CBD. This means that CBD isolate gives your body only this cannabinoid, as no other hemp compounds are present.

One thing to bear in mind about CBD isolate is that it’s odorless, colorless and flavorless. This is because the taste, color and aroma of hemp comes from the terpenes and flavonoids.

Choosing the Right Extract Type Based on Your Preferred Delivery Method

This is very important to do in order to mee your specific needs.

Extract Type #1: Topicals

When it comes to topicals, we always recommend going with a full spectrum hemp extract, because we know that non-CBD compounds such as terpenes can offer their own unique properties to the affected area. However, both broad spectrum and CBD isolate extracts are also capable of giving you the relief that you desire.

Extract Type #2: Tinctures

It’s also popular to consume full spectrum hemp extract in the form of a tincture, as the body seems to respond very well to all of those unique hemp compounds when absorbed through the sublingual tissue. Full spectrum hemp extract will give your body the entourage effect. Broad spectrum hemp extract will still supply your body with a generous variety of compounds, and CBD isolate will just give you a highly concentrated dose of pure CBD.

Extract Type #3: Vape Oils

Vape oils are unique in that they tend to be felt very potently compared to other delivery methods. Therefore, you should bear this in mind when choosing your ideal hemp extract. Full spectrum hemp extract will allow you to feel the total variety of compounds, including many cannabinoids that each offer their own unique properties. Broad spectrum hemp extract will do the same, only your body won’t be receiving that trace amount of THC. CBD isolate will give you a potent CBD experience.

Extract Type #4: Edibles

When it comes to edibles, it’s less likely that you’ll feel a strong difference based on the extract you choose. This is because edibles are felt very subtly in the body. Therefore, it’s a matter of choosing which plant compounds you prefer and selecting your type of extract accordingly.

How to Choose Which Extract is Right for You

So, how do you decide on the ideal type of extract for you? Well, technically, no one extract is objectively superior to the rest. However, many hemp experts believe that full spectrum is the way to go due to the entourage effect that it provides. Still, this doesn’t mean that everyone desires full spectrum. We always recommend trying out all three, since you never really know which one will give you the most desirable CBD experience until you actually consume it for yourself.

Final CBD Extract Thoughts

As you can see, each type of hemp extract offers something unique to the body, which is why it’s important to consider each one carefully. Use this guide to understand how each one works, as this will make it easy for you to choose the ideal one for you. And, there’s no harm in experimenting with all three in order to experience each one’s unique potential effects for yourself.

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