How Can Gamers and eSports Players Get the Most from CBD?

How Can Gamers and eSports Players Get the Most from CBD?

20th May 2021

One industry that’s only now being taken seriously is that of eSports, or professional online gaming. eSports players and gamers are essentially people who get paid to play online games, and nowadays, there are gamers who have enormous followings and get paid huge sums of money, much like other members of the professional sports industry.

If there is one myth about this unique industry, it’s that it’s far easier than other types of sports that take place outside of the online world. We are not denying that football, basketball, hockey, and other sports come with serious risks, especially as a result of the major injuries that are quite common. That does not take away how eSports comes with its own unique array of potential risks to both physical and mental health. And, these risks should be taken seriously, and treated as needed.

Now, we are starting to learn more about the toll that this profession can take on players. Along with that, most of us are learning that a lot of players have developed CBD routines that help support their lifestyles.

Why Could Gamers and eSports Players Develop a Host of Wellness-Related Issues?

From a distance, it’s easy to think that professional gamers have it easy. They get to sit in their homes all day enjoying their hobby while getting paid what can be outrageously large amounts of money. However, the idea that their lifestyles are cushy and safe is an illusion.

Gamers need to put a lot of work into playing in order to develop enough of a following to turn their hobby into a lucrative job. This means that many players spend hours gaming than may be considered healthy, and a lot of them feel that they have to play late at night, because this is when they are the most likely to get lots of views. As a result, they may end up missing out on much-needed sleep.

We also know that gaming for too long can cause a wide range of problems relating to physical health. Simply sitting for too many hours a day can cause problems with the muscles and joints, and even staring at a screen for hours can cause headaches and cognitive issues. Adding to that, it can cause heart disease, blood clots and more, while making it more likely to develop weight issues.

There are psychological impacts as well. For one thing, the high-pressure environment of gaming in general can lead to feelings of anxiety and chronic stress. And, because gaming is an isolated sport, many players report feelings of depression as they spend most of their time alone in their homes, not interacting with others.

What Might CBD Be Able to Offer Gamers and Esports Players Then?

So, now that you understand both the physical and psychological tolls in which some gamers have to through, CBD may be useful to them in a variety of ways.


Various forms of pain can certainly occur as a result of gaming, due to the long hours spent sitting and the repetitive motions of the hands and wrists, which can lead to various pain disorders. There are various pain treatments out there, including medications that may be effective. Still, those looking for a more holistic option that can be maintained over a long period of time might want to try CBD. Many studies have shown that CBD may regulate inflammation and pain levels throughout the body.


Another common complaint among gamers is anxiety. This can come from a combination of an existing anxiety disorder, feelings of social isolation, and feelings of intense pressure due to the nature of the industry. Anxiety sufferers can experience a wide range of psychological and physical symptoms that can become debilitating. There have been several studies showing that CBD may influence cortisol levels and provide a natural sense of calm among those dealing with these types of feelings.


Along with anxiety, depression is commonly reported among members of the gaming universe. For instance, spending long periods of time alone at home can cause feelings of depression, and those who already have a depressive disorder can find that their symptoms are exacerbated by this lifestyle. Due to the role that cannabidiol has in regulating neurotransmitter function, researchers believe that CBD may be useful.

Trouble Sleeping

Many gamers struggle with getting a healthy amount of sleep each night due to the demands of this industry, and the fact that gaming usually takes place late at night. CBD’s potential effects on the neurotransmitters indicates that it may also regulate the hormones involved in the sleeping process.

Also, it is not only CBD that can help someone sleep. There are hemp-based products for instances that contain CBD & Melatonin or CBD & CBN.

  • Melatonin is most commonly used for insomnia and improving sleep in different conditions. [Source]
  • Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid with powerful sedative properties that make it ideal to take right before bedtime.

Mental Fatigue

Gaming can leave a person feeling fried mentally. We know that simply looking at a screen for many hours each day can cause cognitive fatigue, and we also understand that the high-pressure nature of this type of “sport” can wear out the brain’s energy supply. Findings show that CBD may help regulate cognitive function and increase alertness, focus, and mental stamina.

Taking CBD if You’re a Gamer

Given the various impacts that it can have on mental and physical health, eSports and gaming are both lifestyles that needs proper wellness support. Lots of players have already become CBD advocates, touting it as the ultimate wellness solution. If you’re a gamer who identifies with the struggles that players often face, then we encourage you to give CBD a try by simply doing the following:

  1. Talk to your doctor about making it part of a daily routine, as they have your medical history and can say for certain that it’s alright to take CBD.
  2. Once given the okay from your doctor, it is time to find the right delivery methods such as tinctures, gummies, capsules, or even flower. Plus, if your body is soar from sitting so long, a topical formula can also do the trick.
  3. It is important to find a milligram strength high enough to suit your unique circumstances.
  4. Dosing is crucial too, as this depends upon the formula you choose and how often you need to take that said CBD product.
  5. Also, consider if the hemp extract is either full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate.
  6. Taking CBD daily (topicals being the exception unless need be) and properly can fully support the body’s endocannabinoid system.

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