CBD for Us Product Spotlight: Kode Rd CBD Gummies 750mg 30ct

CBD for Us Product Spotlight: Kode Rd CBD Gummies 750mg 30ct

30th Nov 2020

At CBD for Us, we are proud to offer such a rich array of high-quality hemp goods that allow us to explore the unique properties of the hemp plant in a variety of ways. One of the most beloved cannabidiol products continues to be CBD gummies, and it’s no wonder why. Gummies are tasty, easy to take and offer a unique type of hemp experience that many people find to be exceptionally desirable.

Kode Rd CBD Gummies 75mg 30ct: What They Have to Offer

These are one of the top-selling edibles that we offer, and now, you’ll find out what sets this formula apart from so many others that exist on the market.

15 Milligrams Per Piece

When you purchase Kode Rd CBD Gummies, you’ll receive 30 individual gummies, with each one containing 15 milligrams of high-quality hemp. This milligram strength is great for daily use, offering the right potency level to satisfy most enthusiasts’ desires with cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. Therefore, one daily piece may be all that you require in order to reach your goals.

Delicious Flavor

Of course, flavor is important when it comes to gummy formulas. After all, if a gummy does taste unappealing, you’ll be likely to throw out the bag and miss out on the great opportunity to consume CBD in this manner. Luckily, Kode Rd CBD Gummies boast a uniquely delicious flavor that our customers can’t stop raving about. It’s fruity and sweet and is certain to captivate even the most finicky sweet tooth.

Lab-Tested Hemp

Each batch of hemp extract that is used to produce these gummies is tested by a certified third-party laboratory. What this means is that Kode Rd maintains maximum quality control by having their CBD tested for purity and potency by an unbiased party. The lab reports are available to ensure customers that what they’re getting is some of the best hemp out there today.

Made with Full Spectrum

This means that each dose gives you not just a high level of cannabidiol, but the complete variety of compounds that occur in the buds of the hemp plant. Each dose gives you a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential nutrients, as they exist in the chemical composition of industrial hemp. Further, these compounds work together synergistically to promote the entourage effect, which means that each dose may give you a uniquely potent and desirable experience.

Easy to Take

They don’t require that you carefully measure out the same portion each day, and they can be enjoyed anywhere at any time without requiring special equipment or a steady hand. Simply pop one into your mouth and you’re good to go – plain and simple.

Long-Lasting Properties

Gummies and other edibles have the unique benefit of staying active in the body for hours at a time, which makes them appealing to those who want to take a single dose and continue to feel the effects of cannabidiol in action for a good portion of the day.

Carefully Formulated

When choosing the right gummy formula, it’s important to look beyond the CBD and explore the other ingredients to make sure that they are ultimately good for you. Kode Rd uses a top-quality formula consisting of carefully sourced ingredients to make sure that the overall product is as clean as can be.

The Perfect Edible to Take Your Wellness Routine to the Next Level

At CBD for Us, we’re big fans of Kode Rd’s spectacular CBD gummies, and we know that you will be too once you get your hands on them. They’re full of high-quality, full spectrum and lab-tested hemp, and offer a truly tasty flavor that you’ll savor whenever you take your daily dose.

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