Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Suver Haze

Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Suver Haze

12th Feb 2021

One of the more popular strains on the market these days is Suver Haze, which is an indica-heavy hybrid with a uniquely high myrcene content and about 16% cannabidiol making up the total chemical composition. Commonly used in both the daytime and evening hours due to its balanced nature, Suver Haze is now widely available on the hemp market as both flower and vapes, and an influx of people are choosing this particular breed of hemp as their strain of choice for their daily needs.

Suver Haze Characteristics

Suver Haze, first developed in Southern Oregon, is a cross between Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. It is characterized by its dense, conical buds that are an olive-green color with lots of flecks of orange, and a noticeably light amount of the creamy trichomes that give many other strains a crystallized appearance.

Suver Haze Flavor and Aroma Profile

Suver Haze has a distinctively floral aroma with woody undertones and a nice, bright burst of citrus on the opening. The flavor is particularly enjoyable, being citrusy and herbal, and is known for its appealing flavor profile that’s not too sweet, and has a strong, earthy base note. It is a smooth flavor that doesn’t usually cause much harshness, despite being very bold in terms of its taste compared to similarly popular strains on the market. Some people say that they get a strong taste of fresh oranges when the smoke or vapor first hits their tongue.

Effects of Suver Haze

Suver Haze’s leading terpene is myrcene, a terpene found in bay leaves, so it’s no surprise that this strain is known for its calming effects. It’s also high in caryophyllene, associated with rosemary and cloves, and farnesene. There is also a good deal of humulene, a compound present in hops. Overall, people consider this strain as a good chill-out option, as it can be relaxing both physically and mentally.

Seems to also offer some mild energizing properties to the body, which is why it’s not the most recommended strain for sleep.

It can uplift the mood while also helping slow down thoughts, which is part of the reason why it’s so popular, as it is clearly a very versatile breed that can offer something for everyone, while not promoting any particularly powerful effects one way or the other.

Also is a great beginner’s strain due to its more balanced nature, and the fact that the effects are fairly gradual in terms of onset, while never really hitting you all at once.

Uses for Suver Haze

It’s not surprising, based on the terpene content of this strain, that it’s commonly used for stress. It is a great choice after you’ve had a particularly long or difficult day at work. It is also a strain that’s good for work, as its uplifting effects can keep you from getting too sleepy. Like we said, it is not a particularly sleepy strain due to its additional terpenes which balance out the properties of myrcene. It can still be good in the evening when you’re not ready to pass out but want to feel a little bit more chill and laidback.

Most terpenes have anti-inflammatory activity, but Suver Haze is not particularly associated with strong anti-inflammatory effects. Its mild energizing properties can, however, help you feel more active if taken in the daytime, and may enhance focus and concentration while promoting general feelings of bliss.

Growing Suver Haze

Suver Haze is a pretty easy strain to grow, as it turns out. It’s a highly mold-resistant strain, making it easy on growers, and yields a lot of buds by comparison to other strains, meaning that farmers have good success with this one.

Our Final Opinion on Suver Haze

Suver Haze is a hemp strain that’s hard not to like, with its nice, balanced effects and versatility, combined with its luscious flavor and aroma that make you feel like you’re in a citrus grove. Overall, it’s a good choice for just about any beginner, and doesn’t have any effects that are too strong.

So, if you are looking for an indica-dominant hybrid for chilling out at any time of the day, Suver Haze may be the best choice.

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