5 Tips for Administering CBD Oil to Your Pet

5 Tips for Administering CBD Oil to Your Pet

12th Oct 2020

The CBD industry is worth more than it ever has been, as the market for cannabinoids in the hemp plant continues to grow like few wellness markets of the past. In fact, the market no longer exclusively caters to human CBD enthusiasts. More furry companions are beginning to get in on the hemp action, often at the encouragement of their veterinarians.

Thanks to this new trend, we now have many companies in the industry that are producing high-quality, lab-tested CBD oils that are specially made for cats and dogs. But a lot of us pet owners know that it’s not always easy to introduce something new into our pet’s routines, since our pets are picky and are usually suspicious of anything that has a new taste, smell or texture.

Let’s talk about the connection between your pet and CBD oil.

Why So Many Pet Owners are Turning to CBD Oil

Those who don’t know much about CBD may be shocked to hear that cats and dogs are taking it just like humans do. But actually, it’s a pretty biologically sound concept. All mammals possess an endocannabinoid system in their bodies, which helps maintain homeostasis for maximum wellbeing, by sending cannabinoids to strategically located cannabinoid receptors in order to balance the functions of each bodily system and process. Cats, dogs, humans, and all other mammals, therefore, process and use cannabinoids just like humans do, and so CBD can produce the same effects in our pets that it does when we take it.

The CBD industry offers many CBD oil products formulated specifically for cats and dogs, and if you’re going to start giving your companion a daily dose of hemp, it’s crucial that you choose a pet-friendly formula. Pet CBD oils are made with ingredients that are safe for cats and dogs, as they can have bad reactions to ingredients that we take regularly. The other thing is that our pets have different bodies than ours, and so they should not be given the same strengths of formulas that we take.

Giving CBD Oil to Your Precious Pet: Tips to Make it Easier and More Enjoyable for Your Cat or Dog

Now, we can talk about five tips that will make it easier to incorporate CBD into your pet’s daily routine.

Tip #1: Flavors Can Make CBD Oil More Appealing

A lot of CBD pet companies smartly put flavoring in their CBD oil products. Almost every pet owner on the planet will tell you that it’s challenging to get a cat or dog to consume something that doesn’t have a taste that highly appeals to their senses. This can make it extra hard to give a pet a dose of hemp daily. So, if you know that you have a finicky feline or an uncooperative canine, look for a CBD oil product made with a flavor that you know they love. Popular choices include salmon, chicken, and bacon. And, as a side note, the more naturally derived the flavor is, the more likely it is that it will appeal to your furry companion.

Tip #2: Choose a Delivery Method That Your Pet Prefers

CBD oil refers to a bottle of CBD extract diluted in a carrier oil. It can be administered in various ways. One way is to pour a dose under their tongue so that it can absorb through their sublingual tissue. Another option is to mix it into their meal each day. Plus, you can even apply it topically to a specific problem area.

Also, CBD oil can be put into a treat formula, so that’s another option. Choose a delivery method that is the least likely to stress your pet out in order to ensure that you’re able to successfully maintain a daily routine.

Tip #3: Start Slow

It’s always wise to start slowly in the beginning. Every pet is different and may respond to CBD differently. We recommend giving them a single recommended dose once a day for a few weeks and monitoring them closely to see how they react to this new routine.

Tip #4: Be Consistent with Your Pet’s CBD Oil Routine

Consistency is extremely important if you want to see the best possible results with CBD. Daily doses allow the body’s endocannabinoid system to accumulate cannabinoids for the most effective utilization of these compounds. Therefore, we do suggest that if you are trying to achieve something specific with your pet’s CBD routine, that you give it to them once a day for several weeks before determining whether or not it’s effective, as long as their body is responding positively to the overall administration of cannabinoids.

Tip #5: Always Follow the Advice of a Licensed Veterinarian

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should follow the advice given to you by your pet’s veterinarian. While we encourage pet owners to try CBD for their pets, we cannot give medical advice, as only a licensed vet is authorized to do so. Your vet should be made aware of your pet’s medical history, their current circumstances and anything that they are taking regularly. He or she can provide a list of guidelines based on your pet’s individual needs to ensure the safest and most successful CBD experience possible.

In the event that your pet is not familiar with CBD’s effects on cats and dogs, you can point them in the direction of studies that are now widely available online. Or you can try to find a vet who does have experience giving hemp to cats and dogs.

Giving CBD Oil to Pets Doesn’t Need to Be a Difficult and Aggravating Process

There are plenty of tips out there that can help you administer it daily in a way that’s easy for both you and your furry friend. Just make sure that you follow your vet’s advice thoroughly for the best possible results.

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